Student and Campus Life

Welcome to Mount Madonna Institute. At MMI you will experience the transformative power of a learning community where you will develop lifelong friendships within a diverse community of colleagues.

Our peaceful location gives you access to beautiful, community managed space for yoga retreats, personal practice, spiritual and personal development programs, and a variety of classes and workshops.

The Catalog is your primary guide to your MMI education. It includes information on your program, student housing, policies and helpful information on the broader area around MMI.

In addition, the student services staff is available to answer any questions you may have about your time here at MMI. We are glad to work with you throughout your time here and look forward to seeing you take your next steps.

For further information, please contact: Sarasvati Devi Westbrook, Registrar: College of Ayurveda, sarasvatidevi (at) | 408.846.4060

Letter from the President

Dear Mount Madonna Institute students and extended community,

It is an honor to participate with and share our collective dreams, as together we shape the second decade of an exceptional experience we call Mount Madonna Institute (MMI)! In 2018, The Mount Madonna organization marked its 40th birthday on this beautiful mountain top that we call our spiritual home. And MMI welcomes it 13th class of Ayurvedic Health Counselors this year! I want to extend our sincere gratitude to all our constituencies for the generous and thoughtful dedication to our development, and applaud the creativity, wisdom and skillfulness reflected in each contribution made, large and small, to making MMI the best we can be. In that sense, our work to learn and to improve will never be complete!