Institutional Effectiveness

What We Do

What We Do

Office of the IE is a strategic partner to advance the institute’s educational policy, administrative decisions, strategic planning, and assessment activities. Some activities to support the institute include:

Institutional Research and Planning

  • Collect, analyze, interpret and distribute institutional data to support evidence-based decision making at the unit, program and institutional level.
  • Provide official data to external constituencies in accordance with mandatory reporting requirements.
  • Design, conduct and analyze surveys to gather insight to the experience of prospective and current students, faculty, alumni, and employers.

Assessment of Student Learning

  • Support/coordinate the assessment of student learning outcomes at the program and institutional level.
  • Identify exemplary approaches to assessment and share them with MMI colleagues. Develop and conduct assessment workshops.
  • Assist/lead the collection and analysis of assessment data.

Program Review

  • Provide data to support the cyclical review of academic and service/support units by providing consistent data resources that will inform program leaders/faculty about important trends and patterns.