Mindfulness & Yoga Toolkit for Children

3 Hour Training for Educators

Bring Mindfulness and Yoga to Educators

Centering Exercises

These exercises will support students to feel calm and confident. They begin the process of lengthening spaces between stimulus and reaction/response, which supports neuroprocessing and enhances executive functioning.

Breathing Exercises

The breath and the nervous system are inextricably linked. By teaching students how to control breath, students can directly learn to affect their current state of mind. All these tools are safe, simple, and accessible. These exercises give students a sense of agency in their bodies, feelings and capacities.

Movement Exercises

Movement exercises will enhance learning and make class fun. They can be used as a regular practice (sun salutations every morning first thing), or can be used strategically when the class needs a “brain break.” Be ready to adapt movement for the various body types that will be in your classroom.


Scheduling Details

3 Hour Training Can Occur at Any Time Based on School District Schedule/Needs

Sample Schedule

  • 3:00 pm Welcome-Introduction to Mindfulness and Yoga for Children
  • 3:20 pm Movement Exercises, Explanation, and Practice Teaching
  • 4:05 pm Mini Break for Journaling/Bio
  • 4:15 pm Centering Exercises, Explanation, and Practice Teaching
  • 4:45 pm Mini Break for Journaling/Bio
  • 4:55 pm Breathing Exercises, Explanation, and Practice Teaching
  • 5:30 pm Mini Break for Journaling/Bio
  • 5:35 pm Questions, Review of Support Materials, and Closing
  • 6:00 pm Training Ends
Children Yoga Assist
Sh Class
Mmc Aerial
Children Lunge Hero

Retreat for Children's Mindfulness and Yoga Trainees

Go deeper into the practices of mindfulness and yoga during this half-day opportunity to reflect, renew, review, and refresh. Held on the 380-acre campus of Mount Madonna.

  • Relax and connect with nature as you mindfully walk through redwood forests.
  • Rejuvenate your body with the practice of yoga postures.
  • Empower your mind through introductory breathing and meditation practices.
  • Jumpstart your personal practices to integrate the Mindfulness and Yoga Toolkit into your classroom and your life.

Sample Retreat Schedule:

  • 7:30-9:30 am Yoga Class (optional)
  • 9:30-11:00 am Registration
  • 10:00-11:00 am Vegetarian Brunch
  • 11:15-12:30 pm Redwood walk and campus tour
  • 12:30-1:00 pm Break
  • 1:00-2:00 pm Session 1
  • 2:00-2:30 pm Break and Snack
  • 2:30-3:30 pm Session #2 and Closing
  • 4:00-5:00 pm Yoga Class (optional)
  • 3:30-5:00 pm Stay and enjoy hot tub, hike, café, bookstore, book wellness treatment! (optional)
  • 5:00-6:00 pm Vegetarian Dinner (optional)

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