Living with Nature: Essence of Samkhya

Webinar Series 2021

July 17th - August 14th, 2021

Living with Nature: Essence of Samkhya

Presented by Dayanand and Sarada Diffenbaugh, Kamalesh Hooven, Premdas Rohan and Priska

July 17th - August 14th, 2021

Bring joy, peace, and balance to your life and learn how to live with Nature.

Feel inspired by these classes and start your journey on living with nature and understanding the philosophical basis of yoga. Samkhya is the cosmology of yoga, explaining the universal principles that affect human life and a clear path to peace.

Classes include an explanation, chanting, meditation, and experiential exercises to bring this ancient philosophy to life.


About the Presenters

These presenters are well versed in Samkhya, the ancient philosophy teaching how to live peacefully with Nature and explaining the basis of yoga.

Dayanand is the Founding Director of Mount Madonna Center and editor of Baba Hari Dass’ Yoga Sutras.

Sarada, an educator who founded Mount Madonna School, regularly leads meditations to bring understanding of subtle yogic concepts.

Kamalesh, Chair of MMI’s School of Yoga, brings the lens of Āyurveda, yoga therapy, and āsana to this Samkhya study.

PD, a pujari at Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple, teaches yoga philosophy and how to construct, read and understand yantra.

Priska has developed an origami explanation of Samkhya that is both physical, personal, and unique.

Living with Nature: Essence of Samkhya

July 17th - August 14th, 2021

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