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Program Review

Program Review

Program Review is a systematic way to assess and improve the quality of MMI’s academic program, the Master of Arts degree in Ayurveda. The purpose of program review is to assure that the faculty and administration are providing a high-quality professional graduate program and to find ways to improve the quality of education, scholarship, and service at MMI.

In 2016, we undertook a complete Program Review Self Study of the Master of Arts degree in Ayurveda, which was completed in January 2019 and submitted for external review. This report was prepared by the Program Review Committee made up of College of Ayurveda Faculty, MMI Administrators and staff, one MMI Board member, and one College of Ayurveda alum/currently registered student. We decided to take such a broad approach in order to fully understand the quality of the Program. MMI and its College of Ayurveda recognizes that this is a working document that will require continual reflection and revision as the review process continues. An external review was completed in February 2019. An Action Plan was approved in July 2019. These reports are available upon request.


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