Institutional Research

Institutional Data

Institutional Data

MA-Ayurveda Student Data

Applications and Admissions

The selectivity rate currently at MMI is close to 100%. We have rich and thoughtful conversation around the finances and time with the prospective students before they apply. Most of the applicants are offered admission and enrolled in the programs.

Student Enrollment and Demographics

This data provides MMI student headcounts and composition by year, gender, URM (under represented minority) status and age group. This data helps with:

  • Showing the diverse student body that MMI programs attract

Enrollment and Demographics Information

Degrees and Completion Rates

This data provides information on degrees awarded, and completion rate. This data helps with:

  • Assessing the support necessary to ensure that students continue with the program and graduate on-time
  • Identifying the trends that reveal issues that need to be addressed to help students stay in the program

Degree and Completion Information

Survey Data

This data provides Information on students' perceptions of MMI. This data helps with improving the programs and services.

Class of 2016 MA-Ayurveda Graduation Survey Results

Class of 2016 MA-Ayurveda Student Motivators Survey Results

This data provides Information about how the graduates have integrated Ayurveda into their profession. This data helps with: Assessing the effectiveness of the program

MA-Ayurveda Alumni Satisfaction Data