Ayurveda Clinic

Consultations with Faculty Practitioners & Student Interns

Consultations with Faculty Practitioners

Āyurvedic Consultations are provided by our highly qualified Āyurvedic Faculty Practitioners.

Consultations are for the purpose of personal education to enhance, develop and manage a healthy lifestyle appropriate for one's self and family.

Initial consultations consist of a brief explanation of Āyurveda and a detailed history, including focused Āyurvedic evaluation, Mind-Body type, and imbalances. Treatment plan may include Āyurvedic diet, lifestyle routine, herbs, yoga, pranayama & meditation.

CLINIC DATES: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

LOCATION: Mount Madonna Center 445 Summit Road, Watsonville, Ca 95076

COST: $145 for 90 minutes


Affordable Ayurveda with Student Interns

A limited number of Ayurvedic Consultations are available with our Ayurveda Health Counselor student interns at a reduced rate. Consultations are supervised by experienced MMI faculty practitioners. Initial consultations will take up to two hours and will require one phone follow-up.

Initial consultations consist of a brief explanation of ayurveda and a detailed history, including focused Ayurvedic evaluation, Mind-Body Type (Prakruti) and imbalances (Vikruti). Treatment plan may include Ayurvedic Diet, Lifestyle Routine, Herbs, Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation.

CLINIC DATE: June 13, 2020

LOCATION: Pacific Cultural Center, Santa Cruz, CA

COST: To be announced

We start taking appointments one month before the clinic date.

For more information or to book an appointment by email internship@mountmadonnainstitute.org
or call 408.846.4060