Ayurveda Clinic

Consultations with BAMS Faculty, Practitioners & Student Interns

Consultations with Faculty and Practitioners

Āyurvedic Consultations are provided by our highly qualified Āyurvedic Physicians trained in the classical system of Āyurvedic Medicine in India, and NAMA Certified Āyurvedic Practitioners.

Consultations are for the purpose of personal education to enhance, develop and manage a healthy lifestyle appropriate for one's self and one's family.

Initial consultations consist of a brief explanation of ayurveda, detailed history taking to get a clear idea of the causative factors involved, focused Ayurvedic evaluation of your pulse, tongue, eyes, skin and nails, evaluation of Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type (Prakruti) and imbalances (Vikruti) and an Ayurvedic Plan of Diet, Health Routine, Herbs, Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation.

Fees: $145 (rates may vary)

To schedule an appointment:

IMPORTANT: Please Read

  1. When you schedule an appointment, please DO NOT OPT OUT of email notification. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to the health questionnaire that you need to fill and bring to the appointment. If you don't receive a confirmation email, please notify sumathi@mountmadonna.org. Also note that if you opt out, practitioners don't receive a notification either and they may miss the appointment. Sorry, it is the way the booking software works.
  2. Ayurvedic consultations are held in the building Orchard House. Once you get inside the gate at Mount Madonna there is a big wooden map in the center of the road past the gate with directions to Orchard House.
"It was truly a blessing to have a consultation with Dr. Shrestha. I really felt that she understood my condition and she had so much compassion that I felt healed before my consultation was even over. She helped me to see what was missing and how to reveal my true essence. The recommendations she gave and the herbs supported me in my healing process." -Clinic testimonial
Available Practitioners:

Kate Bentley, MA-Ay

Sumathi Lingappa, MS, MA-Ay

Consultations with Āyurvedic Student Interns

A limited number of Ayurvedic Consultations are available two or three times a year with our AHC, C-AP and MA-Ay student interns at a reduced rate.

Consultations are supervised by experienced MMI faculty practitioners. Initial consultations may take up to two hours and may require one or two follow-ups.

Next opportunity:

AHC Student Intern Clinic

CLINIC DATE: Dec 14th, 2019

LOCATION: Pacific Cultural Center, 1307 Seabright Ave, Santa Cruz, CA

COST: Will be announced closer to the clinic date. Includes one in-person session and two follow ups.

Email to schedule an appointment: internship@mountmadonnainstitute.org. Include your full name, home address, phone and email address. Mention "AHC Student Clinic" in your email.

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