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Working With Herbs

For over 25 years Āyurveda World has served as our Āyurvedic herbal products laboratory and store. Āyurveda uses synergistic blends of herbs and medicinal substances to support the efficient functioning of the body and to address underlying imbalances.

Based on traditional Āyurvedic principles and processes, Āyurveda World produces tinctures, oils, herbal compounds and specific herbal formulations upon request.

The Mount Madonna Institute herbal curriculum trains students in the therapeutic uses of medicinal plants, and the preparation of traditional herbal formulas, some production of Āyurvedic products, and other important clinical activities.

Many students volunteer to help at Āyurveda World to expand their knowledge and experience.

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In order to mitigate the spread of the Corona Virus, we are available by phone only

Monday, Wednesday & Saturday: 11-4
Tuesday: 11-2
Thursday & Sunday: 1-4

Phone: 408.847.4385

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We emphasize the importance of sustainability during this exciting time in holistic health. As such, we make every effort to ensure that all of our herbs come from reputable suppliers located within the United States. These suppliers share our vision for providing the freshest organic and sustainably sourced herbs possible.

Click the link below to order products. You can also call 408-847-4385 or email ayurveda-world@mountmadonna.org to order.

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Āyurvedic Practitioners receive up to a 20% discount on personal formulas and products.

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