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Letter from the President

Dear Mount Madonna Institute Faculty and Staff,

It is an honor to join with you as we pursue our collective mission and shape the second decade of an exceptional experience we call Mount Madonna Institute (MMI)!

MMI is a “one of a kind” learning environment, attracting a multifaceted community of faculty, staff, and students drawn to deep and authentic levels of inquiry. Together, you and our graduates are uniquely positioned to translate and apply the authentic teachings of Ayurveda, Yoga and Community to increase physical, psychological and spiritual wellness in a contemporary lifestyle – through practice, example, scholarship and clinical application.

Our intent as an educational institution is not only to preserve and promote ancient knowledge, but to prepare our students to advance legitimate ways in which these traditional sciences can integrate with and impact the emerging field of Integrative Medicine for a healthier future across the world.

Through your dedication to education, our entire learning community is inspired to further develop and apply this deeper understanding for the benefit of all. Thank you for your service at Mount Madonna Institute.

I welcome an ongoing dialogue with you about how we are doing!


Savita Kay Brownfield

President, Savita@MountMadonna.org | 408.846.4058

Mount Madonna Institute is committed to wellness and positive transformation. We offer trainings, certificates, and graduate degrees that integrate the traditional systems of Yoga, Ayurveda and Community with contemporary life and prepare graduates for a variety of careers in the integrative health professions.