Low Cost Consultations

Personalized Āyurveda Internship Consultations

Take a personalized approach to your health and wellness by following an Āyurvedic nutritional and lifestyle plan created specifically for you!

The past year has had a unique effect on each of us, especially when related to our health and well-being. If your experience this past year has included weight gain, difficulty sleeping, stress, worry, fatigue and anxiety; an Āyurvedic Intern Consultation could give you the help and tools you need!

What’s Included in your personal consultation?

Āyurvedic Internship Consultations include three separate online appointments (one initial consultation & two follow ups) supervised by an Ayurvedic Practitioner with a small group of student observers.

You will receive personalized education and explanations about your health from an Ayurvedic perspective after a questionnaire and consultation.

  • Tired of dieting without getting results? Āyurveda can help you determine the right holistic nutritional path for your unique mind body-type to attain quick weight-loss results.
  • Reduce anxiety and improve mental clarity with breathwork and stress reduction techniques
  • Improve your quality of sleep and create more energy throughout the day with guided lifestyle recommendations
  • Remove the root causes of imbalance
  • Learn how to incorporate culinary herbs into your meals and transform an ordinary diet into a nutritional powerhouse
  • Learn simple dietary strategies that can alleviate digestive disturbances such as gas, bloating, food intolerances, heartburn and acidity
  • Discover the benefits of mindful eating, following an inspiring Seasonal diet and new daily routine

Just some of the many benefits of your personalized and private consultation plan!

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COST: $125

For more information or to book an appointment by email, please contact internship@mountmadonnainstitute.org