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Are you interested in learning more about a particular subject in Ayurveda? Check out our mini course offerings. Mini courses are available to anyone with an interest in Ayurveda. Some background knowledge is necessary for participants to engage with and benefit from the course material presented. Faculty will build off of foundational concepts such as doshas, subdoshas, agni, dhatus and their formation, shat kriya kala, and srotamsi location and function. These concepts may be reviewed but will not be explored in depth at a foundational level.

Please review course descriptions and course learning objectives for a more detailed understanding of the concepts that will be discussed in each course. Suggested pre-reading is recommended for each course to familiarize students with concepts in advance. At the conclusion of the course, students complete an assessment and receive a certificate of completion. Eligible for NAMA PACE credits. Any questions still remaining can be directed to our admissions director, Lizzy Gamberdella, at or 408-846-4060.

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Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology

AY 303 Sthula Sharira - Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology

This course explores the concepts of Ayurveda Biology, Physics, Anatomy and Physiology and applies and relates them to the Western approach to the body-mind complex. See the AY 303 syllabus for further course description and course learning objectives. 12 hours. Thu 9/15 - 2:00-5:00pm; 6:00-8:00p | Fri 9/16 - 9:30a-12:30p; 1:30-5:30p

Diagnostic Methods

AY 304 Rogi-Roga Pariksha - Diagnostic Methods

This course builds skills in clinical assessment (pariksha). Students learn and practice many different Ayurvedic diagnostic techniques (pulse, tongue, nails, skin, speech, eyes, etc.) and learn to evaluate their findings in terms of health and disease. See the AY 304 syllabus for further course description and course learning objectives. 12 hours. Sat 9/17 - 11:00a-2:00p; 2:30-5:30p; 6:30-8:30p | Sun 9/18 - 9:30a-12:30p; 1:30-2:30p

Pathophysiology 1

AY 305 Vikṛti Vijñāna 1 - Pathophysiology 1

Students learn the causes of disease, six stages of disease manifestation, disease pathways, classification of diseases, and signs and symptoms of disease. Students learn how to distinguish the disease from its symptoms and prioritize treatment protocols. See the AY 305 syllabus for further course description and course learning objectives. 12 hours. Thu 10/13 - 2:00-5:00pm; 6:00-8:00p | Fri 10/14 - 9:30a-12:30p; 1:30-5:30p

Ayurvedic Psychology

AY 306 Manovaha Srotas - Ayurvedic Psychology

This course investigates the knowledge of the Mind, its functions, causative factors for pathological change, stages of pathology and various diseases presenting with psychological and physical symptoms. Students learn Ayurvedic therapies and recommendations including spiritual and subtle therapies of the sister sciences. See the AY 306 syllabus for further course description and course learning objectives. 12 hours. Sat 10/15 - 11:00a-2:00p; 2:30-5:30p; 6:30-8:30p | Sun 10/16 - 9:30a-12:30p; 1:30-2:30p

Classical Texts, History & Philosophy

AY 307 Brhattrayi & Laghutrayi - Classical Texts, History & Philosophy

This course examines the basic principles of Ayurvedic medicine, its branches, medical ethics, therapeutics, and aims through the classical texts. Students investigate the historical and philosophical foundations of Ayurvedic medicine and the history of scientific studies in Ayurveda. See the AY 307 syllabus for further course description and course learning objectives. 24 hours. Thu 11/10 - 2:00-5:00p; 6:00-8:00p | Fri 11/11 - 9:30a-12:30p; 1:30-5:30p | Sat 11/12 - 11:00a-2:00p; 2:30-5:30p; 6:30-8:30p |Sun 11/13 - 9:30a-12:30p; 1:30-2:30p

Course Syllabi

AY 303 Sthula Sharira

  • September 15-16, 2022

AY 304 Rogi-Roga Pariksha

  • September 17-18, 2022

AY 305 Vikṛti Vijñāna 1

  • October 13-14, 2022

AY 306 Manovaha Srotas

  • October 15-16, 2022

AY 307 Brhattrayi & Laghutrayi

  • November 10-13, 2022

Nama Pace

Tuition Information

$549 for 2 day courses (12 hours)

$954 for 4 day courses (24 hours)

Paid in full at the time of registration.

*Total does not include Meals and Lodging. See Meals & Lodging options for additional fees not included in the total tuition costs. Minimum of $66 per day Commuter Rate for all students that choose to come on site for classes.

Please note that textbooks and pre-reading are recommended for this course and are listed in the syllabus.

Refund Policy:

Refund available minus $75.00 cancellation fee if course is dropped prior to 48 hours before course start date.

No refund available if course is dropped within 48 hours of start date, or after course has started.

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