Hematopoietic System (raktavahasrotas) & ENT (shalakya tantra)

Online or In-Person | March 9-10, 2023

Ayurveda Mini Course

Raktavaha Srotas & Shalakya Tantra

This course explores in detail the cardiovascular system in Ayurvedic Medicine including various disorders, assessment and treatment. It also examines Shalakya Tantra, disorders related to the ears, nose and throat. Students will learn the causes, signs and symptoms, and pathogenesis of the disorders, as well as treatments through diet, lifestyle, herbal formulas and other therapies. The srotamsi explored are: Raktavaha and Shalakya Tantra (ENT/ head/ neck).

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About the Instructor

Dr. Dhaval Dhru, MD, CAP - Ayurvedic Institute

Dr. Dhru was in private practice as an ENT Surgeon from June 1981 to June 1999 in Federal Way WA. He is Board Certified: American Board of Otolaryngology, September 1977, Canadian Fellowship (F.R.C.S.) in Otolaryngology, November 1977 Licensure, and licensed to practice medicine in Washington since 1977.

Currently, Dr. Dhru practices as an Ayurvedic practitioner, educator and yoga teacher in Federal Way, Washington. His is a former Associate Professor and the Chair, Department of Ayurvedic Science, Bastyr University, Kenmore WA.

Course Schedule

Thursday March 9

  • 2:00-5:00pm; 6:00-8:00pm

Friday March 10

  • 9:30am-12:30pm; 1:30-5:30pm


This course may be taken online or live in-person at our Mount Madonna campus.



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