MMI Signature Panch Karma Retreat

Nov 17 - 24, 2019

Mount Madonna Signature Panchakarma Retreat

November 17-24, 2019

With Dr. Rucha Kelkar, BAMS, DPT, Dr. Renee Rossi, MD, and MMI College of Ayurveda Staff

Panchakarma ("PK") is a highly personalized, whole body cleansing, detoxifying and rejuvenating program based on Ayurvedic principles that date back thousands of years. PK is designed to “ripen and release impurities” (doshas) and re-balance the body/mind complex to achieve optimum health and well-being. PK is often prescribed at the turn of the season and works on all aspects of the individual; body, mind and soul.

Mount Madonna’s Signature PK Retreat unfolds in 4 steps, beginning with a complete Ayurvedic health assessment with Dr. Rucha Kelkar (at her office if possible). Dr. Kelkar and Dr. Rossi will oversee and prescribe the following:

Nov 8-17 “At home” preparation will include specific herbal, dietary, and lifestyle prescriptions (purvakarma) for the week (prior to arrival). Your commitment to these prescriptions ensures a successful PK process.

Nov 17-24 On-site immersion includes daily consultation with Renee Rossi, MD, Ayurvedic Practitioner, and 2 hour oil infused treatments (shirodhara, abhyanga, nasya), steam therapy, herbal formulations, gentle yoga practice, rest, reflective time and walks among the redwoods, and an integration sessions, Monday through Saturday. Specially prepared organic food will be provided according to PK principles.

Participants may depart Sunday 24th at noon, however, we encourage you to extend your stay a day or more to allow for a deeper experience.

Nov 25-Dec 1 – A gentle return to your normal environment, with specific prescriptions and recommendations for the rejuvenation week following the PK process and a follow up phone consult with Dr. Rossi. This is the time when strength returns to the body, optimum health can be restored and the mind is clear.

During your stay at Mount Madonna, you will have a private room in a cottage with full bath, a small living and a kitchen space, steps away from Kaya Kalpa Wellness Center where all your daily sessions will take place. Several trails into the redwoods are just beyond the front door.

Total On-Site Cost: $3,682.00 (includes 7 days of treatments, food and single cottage accommodations at Mount Madonna Center)

For further details Call 408-846-4058 or contact