Āyurveda Clinic with Sarita Shrestha

Jun 20 - 21, 2017

Āyurveda Clinic

with Dr. Sarita Shrestha, observed by Āyurveda students and MMI Clinical Faculty. 

Renew Your Health

Improve your immunity, digestion, sleep, energy and more!

Clinic Date & Location:

June 20 & 21 at Mount Madonna Institute.

Call (408) 846-4060 to schedule an appointment.


Only $85 for one 45 minute session.

Clinical Assessment Includes:

  • Detailed medical history to get a clear idea of the causative factors involved.
  • Focused Ayurvedic evaluation of your pulse, tongue, eyes, skin and nails.
  • Evaluation of Ayurvedic Mind-body Type and imbalances.
  • Ayurvedic Health Plan may include Diet, Lifestyle, Herbal Formulas, Yoga & Meditation.


Sarita Shrestha, MD (AYR-India), OB/GYN, BHU, BAMS

Sarita Shrestha, MD (AYR-India), OB/GYN, BHU, BAMS

Dr. Shrestha has taught and consulted for over 25 years in international institutions, hospitals, and clinics, and has received numerous international awards honoring her presentations and services, with special recognition as the first Nepali woman Ayurvedic physician and specialist. She is Founder/Director of Devi Ma Ayurveda Rural Hospital in Nepal. She teaches throughout the US and Europe. She is also well known for her unique herbal formulations and her work in the field of fertility.