Oct 12 - 13, 2023

Ayurveda Mini-Course | Aging & Rejuvenating Therapies

Students will examine health issues that are of particular concern for the aging including diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, high blood pressure. The course explores in detail the concept of rasayana or rejuvenation in Ayurvedic Medicine. Students learn dietary measures, herbal formulas, external therapies, and daily routines used as rejuvenatives to promote nourishment and tonification, strengthen the immune system and build strength.

Oct 14 - 15, 2023

Ayurveda Mini Course | Pancha Karma- Ayurvedic Bodywork & Sense Therapies

This course is a hands-on experiential demonstration of various Ayurvedic bodywork techniques including abhyanga, Ayurvedic massage, shirodhara, basti, Marma Therapy, and herbal swedana. Students learn the techniques and put them into practice in the classroom.

Oct 21, 2023 • 11:00am - 12:00pm

Free Webinar | Ayurveda: The Basics

Explore the 5,000 year old Science of Life with two Mount Madonna Institute students who are currently in the Masters of Arts in Ayurveda program

Jan 18 - Dec 31, 2024

2024 Ayurvedic Health Counselor

Professional Training in lifestyle medicine that prepares students for careers focused on preventive mind-body healthcare, this 12-month educational program prepares students for a professional career as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor. This is a path to certification as an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist or a Masters of Arts - Ayurveda.

Jan 18 - Jun 16, 2024

Ayurveda Educator

The Ayurvedic Educator program prepares students to educate clients on appropriate diet and lifestyle choices. Ayurvedic Educators motivate, educate, and support students in learning the importance of Ayurvedic practices in their daily lives.

Jan 19 - 20, 2024

Ayurveda Mini-Course | Introduction to Ayurveda

This course introduces students to the 5,000-year-old tradition of Ayurveda, its aims and objectives, basic principles, concepts of health and disease, methods of examining patients, and treatment methods. Students gain a solid foundation in the science, history, and philosophy of Ayurveda. They are introduced to the concepts of individual nature and dosha imbalance as the basis for diagnosis of health and disease, as well as the five-element theory.

Jan 21, 2024

Ayurveda Mini-Course | Yoga & Ayurveda

This course teaches yoga philosophy and practice and its benefits in health and disease prevention. Students learn the Ayurvedic effects of different styles of yoga practice, yogic cleansing for disease prevention, and meditation and breathing practices to restore healthy balance to mind and body.

Feb 16 - 17, 2024

Ayurveda Mini-Course | Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology

This course examines the disease process in Ayurvedic medicine, including Ayurvedic anatomy and physiology, the cause of disease, the stages of disease, formation of tissues, and classification of disease.

Feb 17 - 18, 2024

Ayurveda Mini-Course | Ayurvedic Lifestyle Management

This course introduces the student to Ayurvedic recommendations for creating healthy lifestyles, daily and seasonal routines, yogic cleansing practices, and self-care. Students also learn therapies focusing on the five senses.

Feb 29 - Mar 3, 2024

Yoga & Ayurveda: The Essentials

Drawing from Patanjali’s Ashtanga (eight-limbed) Yoga System and the practices of Hatha Yoga, you will learn foundational practices of pranayama, mudra, shat karma and meditation as well as basic philosophy and theory of both Yoga and Ayurveda as taught by Baba Hari Dass.