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Kaya Kalpa - Spa & Wellness Center

Massage at Kaya Kalpa

Kaya Kalpa (“body immortal”) is a system developed in India by early practitioners of Yoga to balance the nervous system, tone and maintain the life force energy and enhance longevity.

In the comfortable, nurturing environment of the Kaya Kalpa Wellness Center, a luxurious bodywork treatment may be followed by a soak in the hot tub under the redwood trees, or a full body barley scrub. Our expert staff of professional massage practitioners provides relaxation and revitalization with Ayurvedic massage (Abhyanga and Marma Points) as well as Swedana, which detoxifies and vitalizes the body, and Shirodhara, which relaxes the mind. Also offered are a variety of additional treatments including traditional Swedish massage, Asian systems massage and Acupuncture. Reiki sessions are available to balance and harmonize the subtle energy fields.

Practitioners are available by appointment.
Please phone (408) 847-3276. View detailed offerings at mountmadonna.org/projects/kayakalpa