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Founding Dean, Cynthia Ambika Copple, 2007-2013

Cynthia Ambika CoppleWhen I was an Ayurvedic student at Mount Madonna Center in 1982 and was introduced to the Ayurvedic healing view of the world as body and mind and spirit all at once, I saw the possibility of sharing the wisdom of Ayurveda with others to help them on their healing journey.

Then, after practicing Ayurveda for 23 years, in 2005 I became part of a founding group that created Mount Madonna Institute and its College of Ayurveda, dedicated to training Ayurvedic Practitioners and spreading the knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda.

I am proud of our graduates, who are continuing to learn as they bring the Ayurvedic way of health and healing to their communities and to the world.

Our students learn to become excellent Ayurvedic Practitioners with our renowned master faculty from India and the U.S. They learn disease prevention and how to maintain optimum health and reverse disease without pharmaceutical drugs and their side effects. Students are training to help our aging population with alternative Ayurvedic methods to stay healthy and prevent premature aging and diseases, and to help young people build strength and energy and find their optimum health, naturally.

Our students are transformed by the wisdom and inspiration of our renowned master faculty who have many decades of clinical experience, deep roots in the spiritual essence of Ayurveda and, in many instances, training in Western medicine as well as Ayurveda. Being able to eat meals with their master teachers and visit them in India is an additional benefit.

Students come to feel like family. Our Instructors, who are Ayurvedic Practitioners with years of clinical or teaching experience, are present throughout all weekends of the program. They are the presence that binds together the wisdom of all the different master faculty teachers, creating study guides and quizzes, and helping the students to learn.

In addition, students learn to read and write the ancient Ayurvedic language of Sanskrit and spend three hours a weekend in yoga classes Yoga is the sister science of Ayurveda. Chanting, small group interactions and practicum are part of the weekend, and there is a little time for a hike through the redwoods, a swim in the lake or a hot tub.