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Yoga, Service & Community (YSC) Programs

Our YSC 1 & 2 programs are designed for individuals who want to explore their own positive transformation while immersed in community with people whose ultimate aim is peace. Spend three or six months in experiential learning, while deepening self-awareness, interpersonal and practical life skills, and cultivating connections within a small group and our greater community.

An exceptional opportunity to live, study, and serve within a successful intentional spiritual community that has been thriving for more than 35 years, our Service Learning Programs are designed to support the health and positive transformation of individuals and our communities. Help serve and host groups and individuals seeking personal growth, healing, and alternative paths of education.

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Living as Learning

This course integrates wisdom and practice from a variety of ancient philosophies and spiritual traditions such as Yoga and Ayurveda. In addition to exploring the history and principles of community, students have a unique opportunity to be in dialogue on a diverse range of topics.

Students will explore service as a tool for transformation, character growth and problem solving. At the same time, students have an opportunity to examine explorations of human consciousness, social awareness, and organizational development.


Community Studies:

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Program Dates
  • Dec 4, 2018 - Mar 3, 2019 FULL
  • Mar 6 - Jun 9, 2019 *
  • Jun 11 - Aug 25, 2019 *

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Work honestly, Meditate every day, Meet people without fear, And play.


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