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Master of Arts - Āyurveda

The Master Degree Program is for qualified students* who wish to combine advanced clinical and academic training with research and in-depth use of classical texts to specialize in an area of Āyurvedic study. Students will continue to deepen their exploration of all aspects of Āyurvedic medicine, including Āyurvedic principles of etiology, pathogenesis, and tools of assessment and treatment of disease. This includes the development of Āyurvedic purification and rejuvenation programs, appropriate use of advanced Āyurvedic herbal formulations, and in-depth clinical case presentations.

*This MA program is not suitable for BAMS graduates. Please refer to NAMA website for work & education opportunities in USA.

Achieve a level of academic excellence through advanced study, clinical practice, professional specialization, original research, and/or a capstone project.

MA classes start in July 2019. The students are initially integrated with the second half of the C-AP program, and are required to dive more deeply into the study of disease management, develop and present a Capstone Project, and complete a 60 hour clinical apprenticeship. The MA program extends beyond the C-AP program and ends in Dec 2020.

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Aims & Goals

MMI MA graduates will be on the forefront of the development and promotion of Āyurveda; one of the fastest re-emerging modalities of healthcare in the world and a solid partner in the expanding field of Integrative Medicine. Whether it is through teaching, writing articles, contributing to new or on-going research, presenting at professional conferences, or maintaining a respected clinical practice, our graduates are the “next generation” of Āyurveda in the U.S.

Program Highlights

This program is designed to fit the busy schedule of professionals from all walk of life. Classes are held at Mount Madonna Center one 4-day weekend a month from July 2019 through April 2020. A typical weekend starts on Thursday 9.30am and ends on Sunday 5pm.There are 2 to 4 hours of online classes every month (dates to be announced in the class). After the completion of the class work, students create and complete a capstone project, engage in supervised externships and clinical apprenticeship and write a final exam between May 2020 and Dec 2020.

Academic Program Calendar for MA 2020 Cohort*

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July 11-14, 2019

    • AY-MA-407: Western Interface, Functional Medicine, and Understanding Labs
    • AY-MA-402: Kayachikitsa and Internal Medicine
    • AY-MA-300: Yoga for Health and Disease Management

Aug 8-11, 2019

    • AY-MA-406: Subtle Therapies 2: Jyotish, Hasta, and Vastu
    • AY-MA-401: Introduction to Scientific Research (includes Ayurveda Research Symposium)
    • AY-MA-300: Yoga for Health and Disease Management

Sept 5-8, 2019

    • AY-MA-404: Ayurvedic Therapies
    • AY-MA-409: Advanced Ayurvedic A&P
    • AY-MA-300: Yoga for Health and Disease Management

Oct 3-6, 2019

    • AY-MA-405: Internship 2
    • AY-MA-303: Ayurvedic Classical Texts
    • AY-MA-314: Advanced Ayurvedic Psychology
    • AY-MA-313: Disease Management: Pre & Post Natal, Pediatrics
    • AY-MA-311: Disease Management: Genito-Urinary System and Men's Health
    • AY-MA-304: Ayurvedic Herbology 2
    • AY-MA-300: Yoga for Health and Disease Management

Oct 31-Nov 3, 2019

    • AY-MA-405: Internship 2
    • AY-MA-411: Student Clinical Case Studies Presentations
    • AY-MA-300: Yoga for Health and Disease Management

Dec 5-8, 2019

    • AY-MA-403: Aging & Advanced Restorative Therapies
    • AY-MA-412: Systems Review
    • AY-MA-300: Yoga for Health and Disease Management

Mar 14, 2020. MA students complete the CAP Final Exam.

Jan 2020 to April 2020 - Clinical work to satisfy CAP requirements (MA students engage in supervised clinical work on their own time to satisfy the NAMA AP credentialing requirements. After completion of this work, MA students are eligible to write NAMA AP Board Exam and register as NAMA AP professional member.)

    • AY-MA-413: Externship 2
    • AY-MA-414: Clinical Observations

Jan 2020 to April 2020 - MA in-class course work continues. These courses satisfy most of the NAMA Doctor of Ayurveda (AD) academic requirements. The structure of these weekends are similar to the earlier weekends. A 4-day weekend, starting on Thursday 9.30 am and ending on Sunday 5 pm.

  • Gynecology 2
  • Aging & Geriatrics 2
  • Toxicology and Kayachikitsa 3
  • Herbology 3
  • Allopathic Therapeutics, Surgery, Integration & Clinical Collaboration
  • ENT/Head and Neck
  • Labs & Functional Medicine 2
  • Research Methodologies 2
  • Sense Therapy

May 2020 to Dec 2020 - MA clinical work. (MA students engage in supervised clinical work and capstone project in their own time. After completion of the capstone project, students give a presentation in October 2020 and write a MA final exam in Dec 2020)

  • Capstone Project
  • Clinical externships
  • Clinical apprenticeship
  • MA final exam

* All dates/topics subject to change.


Enrollment Begins

Please call the College of Ayurveda office at 408-846-4060 to inquire about enrolling into MA program.
Program Begins: Jul 2019
Application Deadline: June 1st, 2019


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