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Master of Arts - Āyurveda

The Master Degree Program is for qualified students* who wish to combine advanced clinical and academic training with research and in-depth use of classical texts to specialize in an area of Āyurvedic study. Students will be continue to deepen their exploration of all aspects of Āyurvedic medicine, including Āyurvedic principles of etiology, pathogenesis, and tools of assessment and treatment of disease. This includes the development of Āyurvedic purification and rejuvenation programs, appropriate use of advanced Āyurvedic herbal formulations, and in-depth clinical case presentations.

*Our MA program is not suitable for BAMS graduates. Please refer to NAMA website for work & education opportunities. 

Achieve a level of academic excellence through advanced study, clinical practice, professional specialization, original research, and/or a capstone project.

Students are initially integrated with the second year of the C-AP program, and are required to dive more deeply into the study of disease management, learn proper research protocols, engage in literature and journal reviews, write a Master’s Thesis or develop and present a Capstone Project, and complete a 60 hour clinical apprenticeship. The MA program extends beyond the C-AP program with a total of 38 credits required.

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Aims & Goals

MMI MA graduates will be on the forefront of the development and promotion of Āyurveda; one of the fastest re-emerging modalities of healthcare in the world and a solid partner in the expanding field of Integrative Medicine. Whether it is through teaching, writing articles, contributing to new or on-going research, presenting at professional conferences, or maintaining a respected clinical practice, our graduates are the “next generation” of Āyurveda in the U.S.

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Open Enrollment

Please call the College of Ayurveda office at 408-846-4060 to inquire about the next opportunity for enrollment in the Master's program. Start date is based on C-AP/MA scheduling.

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