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"This diploma journey was very powerful and inspiring on so many levels. And, it's just the beginning... I kept coming back to how loved, honored, and supported I felt in this program."
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Mount Madonna Institute
College of Ayurveda School of Yoga School of Community Studies Research Center

Student Spotlight

Denise LapidesDenise Kirpal Lapides, E-RYT
Certificate Graduating Class
College of Ayurveda

From our first weekend it was clear the level of professionalism and devotion our teachers and instructors possessed and their heartfelt desire to empower us to become...
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Ashtanga (8 limbed) Yoga

Baba Hari Dass The School of Yoga presents the classical Ashtanga Yoga system, set forth more than 2,000 years ago by Patanjai in the Yoga Sutras as well as the teachings of Master Yogi Baba Hari Dass. Ashtanga means Eight Limbed (ashta meaning eight, and anga meaning limb)...
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