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Ayurveda Clinic

Consultations with BAMS Faculty and Practitioners

A limited number of Ayurvedic Consultations are now available with MMI College of Ayurveda’s renowned Visiting Faculty and other qualified practitioners.

Initial consultations take an hour and consist of a brief explanation of ayurveda, detailed history taking to get a clear idea of the causative factors involved, focused Ayurvedic evaluation of your pulse, tongue, eyes, skin and nails, evaluation of Ayurvedic Mind-Body Type (Prakruti) and imbalances (Vikruti) and an Ayurvedic Plan of Diet, Health Routine, Herbs, Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation. The rates of the visiting faculty are:

Fees: 30 min: $75 / 45 min: $110 / 60 min: $145 / 90 min: $195

To schedule an appointment, ask questions, or be placed on our mailing list for future consultation announcements, please fill out the form below or call 408-846-4060 or email consultations@mountmadonna.org.

Available Consultations

Sarita Shrestha, BAMS >Bio

Apr 27, 29 & 30, May 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7

Vivek Shanbhag, ND, MD (Ayur-India), BAMS, CYEd >Bio

Mar 20 & 22, Apr 24 & 26, Jul 17 & 19

Rucha Kelkar, BAMS, MPT >Bio

Call or email for availability.

Professor Ram Harsh Singh, PhD, BAMS >Bio

Feb 24 & 25, Mar 3, 4 & 10, 2015

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Anatomy & Physiology Sep 23-25

Anatomy & Physiology Sep 23-25

"It was truly a blessing to have a consultation with Dr. Shrestha. I really felt that she understood my condition and she had so much compassion that I felt healed before my consultation was even over. She helped me to see what was missing and how to reveal my true essence. The recommendations she gave and the herbs supported me in my healing process."